Beauty Tips

Loftiss Says: “Georgie Beauty”

What is an instant fix to look fabulous in under 5 minutes? Fake Eyelashes. I consider myslef a conosur of this product. I have used every brand under the sun from MAC, She Uemura, Laura Mercier, Sephora, to experimenting with different lengths such as individuals, half lash to strips. Then I was approached by a friend from home who just launched her eco-luxe faux lash collection with her sister. And let me tell you this product is exceptional. Winks by Georgie.

Georgia Beauty has three classic styles to choose perfect for morning latte to midnight soiree! It is the FIRST botanically infused, dermatologist-tested, PETA- certifies lash adhesive on the market.  The lashes come in a decorative compact which is chic and easy for storage.

I’m going to beg Abbey for more when I’m home because I am OBSESSED with them!!!! The La Cherie is ideal for daytime, L’Avant-Garardiste is excellent for an extra pop and La Starlette is the final touch to glamour. It is such a huge difference when you wear a quality lash collection versus ones from Rite Aid. Treat yourself for the holidays or for a friend. Winks by Georgie is available at select Neiman Marcus stores and Also check

*Loftiss Says gives their stamp of approve! 

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