Loftiss Says: “Vote Hope”

I am here to not promote myself today (shocking I know ) but my family. Today I’m here for my uncle, my aunt, my three little cousins but but especially my littlest cousin Cofer. Cofer was diagnosed with Leukemia on Wednesday,September 5, 2007. Thankfully his last chemo is today!!!! My family is so thankful and so ready for the next chapter!

So my family is competing in a contest sponsored by Jay’s Hope, a local foundation in Georgia, that helps children with cancer and their families with various struggles-financially, spiritually, emotionally through their cancer journey.  This contest is to submit a picture with the word ‘hope’ in it. Since Cofer is ALWAYS doing the “O” with his mouth it was perfect to use in the picture.

                                              (Look at that red hair!!!!!)


Go to Jay’s Hope on Facebook:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jays-HOPE-Foundation/84587052133 (and “like” the page). Then go to the HOPE PHOTO CONTEST find this picture and click “like.” The winner of the most votes get a gift card from Target. What a wonderful gift for the Holidays and for Cofer’s last day of chemo!!!! Thank you all in advance for voting. This has been an extremely difficult journey but the main message is HOPE!!!!!!!! I am so thankful for such a loving family and dear dear friends. And best of luck with every family dealing with this issue. Hold on….

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