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Loftiss Says: “Product of the Week- Bobbi Brown Highlighter Pen”


During Fashion Week in September I had a blast interviewing Designers, Celbrities, and Supermodels but I WORSHIP my time with the Head Make-Up Artists. Every single time they described what they were doing on the model in front of them my heart would flutter….AHHHH A NEW BEAUTY TRICK!  One of my favorite moments was interviewing Bobbi Brown at the Tibi Fashion Show. We chatted forever about the look of the show, her collaboration with Amy Smilovic of Tibi for an adorable pattern makeup bag and this highlighter pen which I instantly feel in love with with.

The pen is genius. It’s lightweight and the liquid formula creates a dewy, all day glow that won’t settle into your pores. There are two ways to wear this:

1. Apply Highlighter along the top of the cheekbones and blend into skin.

2. Apply the Highlighter to cheeks UNDER the foundation to get a youthful glow.

The light deflecting particles also take away any attention to lines!!!!! (insert cartwheel). The pen is availabe in three colors: Bronze, Rose and Opal and the cost is $32.

The second Bobbi applied this to my face I knew it was a magical product. I screamed “How did I not know about this product????” She explained it was one of those items that slipped under the radar. Well no more! I’m telling you BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!  And let me know what you think after you do. xoxo, Loftiss

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