Loftiss Says: “Christina Perri+style+beauty”

So you all know who the magical Christina Perri is by now. Her new EP The Ocean Way Sessions debuted at #1 and “Jar of Hearts” video reached #1 on VH1 Countdown. With her busy busy schedule, running around the universe promoting her new EP, I reached out to my darling friend to answer a few beauty questions for my readers.

#1. Tell us about your personal style.

“I think my personal style is cool, comfy and tom boy chic. I kinda throw stuff together. Sometimes I get into brands and dresses and some days it’s all about chuck taylors and soft tees.”

*Sidenote: We have the MOST opposite sense of style ever….she loves black and stripes while I prefer orange and rhinestones. But we both agree that glitter nail polish is THE BEST! She enjoys it because you can’t tell if she chips them while playing the guitar. I enjoy it because it’s glitter! 

#2. Everyone seems to be rocking the combats boots lately…do you think you had something to do with it?

“I don’t know! Maybe!!! I know I can’t live without mine, they seem to go with every single thing I own 🙂 “

#3. What is your favorite brand? Favorite place to shop?

“Fav brands are Betsey Johnson, Top shop and Chanel and they’re also my fav places to shop too. Although I can’t live without “wasteland” in LA. It’s the best mix match, find everything you want or need vintage shop you could imagine!”

#4. Beauty- What is your “I would DIE without this product?”

“I would die without my face moisturizers, especially in LA cause it’s so dry!”

#5. What do you like to emphasis on your face with make-up? Eyes? Lips? Cheeks?

“I’m all about shimmer. Cheek bones + inner corners of the eye and eyebrow bone. That’s my secret weapon weapon 🙂 “



*And one Entertainment question. What is your favorite line ever written in a song? What is your favorite line written in one of your songs?

Favorite line ever written…..”something in the way she woo’s me”   The Beatles

My favorite line I’ve written….”you lost the one I loved the most”   Jar of Hearts



Right after “Jar of Hearts” was played on “So You Think You Can Dance” and her song JUMPED on Itunes chart!

Backstage at “So You Think You Can Dance.” My job was to make her laugh and stay unstressed.

After her stunning performance!

Christina and I hanging out at Atlantic Records. Yep that’s her poster on the wall.


Check out the  Discount Dance Supply Contest + Christina Perri on her I definitely did my part in spreading the word in the dance community! There are some GREAT contenders and the winner will be announced on December 13th on . The grand prize winner will be flown to Dallas, TX and will perform their choreographer routine onstage with Christina singing. OH COOL IS THAT! Best of luck to every one who entered.

Meanwhile pick up her EP on Itunes and check out updates on Christina’s website:


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