Beauty Tips

Loftiss Says: “Product of the Week”


One of my best friends, Jen Rias, and I are constantly searching for THE perfect mascara. We’ve spend more $$$$ imaginable looking for this magical product from Dior to MAC. Two weeks ago she said “Lofti I have a new mascara for you to try!!!!’

Well the container is orange so I’m already in love. The patented volume-boosting formula and brush is designed to MAX OUT EACH AND EVERY LASH!!!!!I The applicator brush is the thickest I’ve seen and it totally does it’s job. I, of course, do not do the natural thing and I apply 2, 3, or 4 times through out the day. It never got clumpy and really made my eyes pop.

Let me say this is a GREAT mascara folks and for $8.50 I say it’s a steal!!!!

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