Loftiss says “Street Fashion” with Jay Kos

I’m walking in Chelsea a few weeks ago leaving an audition. On the right side of the street there was no one except me and this gentleman walking towards me. I was mesmrized by his look. He was wearing a coral double breasted vest intermixed with a festive scarf, plaid jacket and dark green leather pants. I stopped him and said I must photograph you! His look was too delciious to let him walk by. I soon realized he is a designer .Of course! After we exchanged business cards I went straight home to research my new friend.

Meet Jay Kos. He is a clothing aficiondo who launched his signature NYC store in 1996. Influenced by fine clothing of Italy and England he created a classic line which focuses on fit and color. I KNEW I was drawn to him for a reason! Fit and Color are what I base my entire wardrobe on.  

If I was man I would dress EXACTLY like this. You can tell his clothes are well made with charm included in the texture and colors. If you are interested in exploring his collection: I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pieces…

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