Loftiss says “velvet”

Welcome back to Day 3 of Men’s Fashion on Loftiss Says! When I think of Fall/Winter I think of texture. I want to be surrounded by soft fabrics….cashmere, fur, velour, velvet. This season I challenge my men to explore VELVET!

You don’t have to think of Hugh Hefner when you think of velvet. Tom Ford’s Collection of the classic suit jacket above is breathtaking.

If you aren’t ready to jump full force into this trend- what about a touch of magic? Let’s try a Velvet Lapel Suit Jacket.


Finally if all else fails go for the shoes!

Both Dolce and Gabbana (I adore the brocade ones)

Best of luck Men! I say Fashion if supposed to be daring. MAKE A STATEMENT!!!!

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