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Loftiss says “Hamptons International Film Festival” 127 Hours

Loftiss says “Hamptons International Film Festival” 127 Hours

WELCOME TO HIFF WEEK ON LOFTISS SAYS!!!!!! Not only is the Hamptons completely breathtaking and beyond charming but every person I met there was so inspired by their story, their message, their need to get the word out about their movie that you left feeling moved. I am proud to say this was my FIRST event I’ve ever produced. I decided I wanted to cover this, I made the calls, I wrote the emails, I followed up, I set up the interviews, I did the interviews and now I can share their message to you. I feel proud to be apart of the process.

*I have four videos to post daily. Todays video is “127 Hours” with heartthrob James Franco. There is a lot of Oscar Buzz surrounding his performance in this movie. What are your thoughts?

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