Beauty Tips

Loftiss says “Product of the Week!”

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyelashes. I never think they look long enough or thick enough UNLESS I have on false eyelashes. (Everyday I come closer and closer to experimenting with lash extenstions. WE will conquer that another day). The ONLY product that makes me look awake and that I have luscious gorgeous lashes is the:


It’s the genus “mushroom” shape that provides a protective, stay-put edge for optimum curling!!!!!!! It really works for all eye shapes. It’s the best $20 you’ll ever spend on an item that you use DAILY!!!! It’s a product that I was introduced to 6 years ago and I will not switch to another brand. You can buy it on-line or at Sephora. Please a round of appalause for this incredible tool. LOFTISS SAYS ” SHU UEMURA EYE LASH CURLER PRODUCT OF THE WEEK”!

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