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Loftiss says “Favorite Emmy Looks 2010”

I’m sure everyone has their opinion on who wore what on Sunday. I’m positive I’ll differ from what People Mag or US Weekly says. As I’ve always stated I LOVE HUGE RISKS ON THE RED CARPET!!!!!  Go big or go home! I will share with you my favorite looks and why. I chose not to pick out my least favorite…I’ll let the rest of the world be negative. I’ll use my energy for good. So let’s get started!!!!

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen

I am OBSESSED with this dress. The detailing is stunning and I love the femme military look of armor. And of course it is gold, so how can I not love it. She was smart to not wear any jewelry. The dress was everything combined. This was one of my all time favorite dresses of the night. Hair, Dress, Make-up= perfection!

Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen

I just want to stare at her all day. I think she is like a beautiful portrait and is beyond exquisite. Lavender is very hard to pull off and it is lovely with her pale skin and fiery red hair. And a touch of feather…yes please!

Sofia Vergara in Carolina Herrera

This saffron dress could have easily looked like a bad pageant gown. But with glorious altering, it looks like a dream. Sofia really knows her body and always chooses pieces that excentuate the right parts. And with her olive skin, gold is always the right choice.

Heidi Klum in Marchesa. Jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz

Now I love a mini dress. This dress had two purposes:

#1. Show off the legs

#2. Show off the jewels

Mission accomplished!

Claire Danes in Armani Prive’

A completely beaded gown- YES CLAIRE DANES! She already looked like a  winner when she arrived. With beautiful bronze make-up this dress was a complete hit on the red carpet. She usually likes to play it safe and I’m glad she went on a limb and went super glam for the night.

January Jones in Versace

HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE DRESS!!!!! I know she will get a lot of flack for this dress but I think it is epic! I am loving the long train, the oversize hoop skirt, the color. I am a huge of of exaggerated pieces. I say you are gorgeous and I call this night the January Jones night!!!! Bravo!

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