Beauty Tips

Loftiss says “Bridesmaid Inspiration”

I’ve been away this past week in Orlando for my best friends wedding. Since it was an outside wedding I knew the hair MUST go up. I starting thinking about what my special updo while I begun to pack. As per usual, I  have a few options mulling in my brian but for this once in a lifetime moment for my sweet friend Ashley I thought “I’m gonna do the Carrie!!!” Now if you are an avid Sex and the City” fan you’ll recongize this picture. It’s from Charlotte’s 1st wedding to Trey.

So I brought my “bag o hair” aka extensions to come play in FL. Here is the before picture of me after I’ve already secured the hair with bobby pins. First start with a ponytail and then begin teasing with a  rat comb for body.

How glamours I know! (Please note the orange terry cloth onsie…one of my favs!) After teasing all that hair you must smooth stray hairs. This really is a difficult process and it helps to practice. You want the hair to be full while still not looking like an untamed lion. And remember bobby pins are your friends. I have a few in every purse that I carry.

Here is the final look. Hair is tightly pulled back, spray with perfection, to attach the fluffy, oversized bun ala The Carrie. If done correctly it looks like your hair but more magical! When you try it let me know how it goes.

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