Loftiss says “Street Fashion”

So the night before my interview for, I was doing my research and came across Lauren Reeves. I soon realized that the blonde in the picture chatted with me before the interview for the Davidelfin Fashion Show back in February. Now how did I remember Lauren you might ask? Well let me see…she’s 5’ll, blonde, Alaskan, GORGEOUS, and looked like the perfect host. Well lucky me, she will be my co host during New York Fashion Week next month. I reached out to her to have lunch so we could get to know each other better and I could pick her brain on my new job.

Now let’s talk about her outfit. I am totally loving the monochromatic feel to this look…all the way down to her iced coffee. This is an Italian 100% linen dressPERFECT for summer (especially a hot New York summer) with subtle detailing in the neckline that is hand stitched. The alligator skin skinny belt adding a cinched waist along with a classic wedge is the ideal lunch date outfit.

You can keep up with Lauren on her blog and of course on I can’t wait to work with Lauren and I’m sure you’ll be tuning in to watch both of us.

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