Beauty Tips

Loftiss says “ridiculous”

So it’s Hump Day aka Wednesday. This is the day when I sometimes need an extra pick me up to get me through the week. Thank you Paul & Joe for this ridiculous packaging of your lipstick. I’ve actually had this picture on my desktop for a few weeks and every time I pull it up I just have to smile. HOW WEIRD RIGHT?!?!?!? I just love it! I can only imagine being at a hot club, mingling, then you crack open your pussycat lipstick?

If this is a must have for you you can but it online or Sephora. It comes in three shades:66 Pink Beige, 67 Pearl Orange, 68 Exotic Pink. So thank you Paul & Joe. Because of you Hump Day just got a little easier!!!!! Hooray!

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