Loftiss Says: “Street Fashion”

o my  huge over-the-top/ridiculous “Old Hollywood Glamour” Birthday Party is next week and I’m in desperate need of the perfect costume. Since my personal stylist for all my fancy costume parties is out of town working, DW (who is beyond brilliant), I called my super amazing friend Nikka. I just adore Nikka’s look. She looks SO European and her milky white skin and straight across bangs are gorgeous. She is super leggy like me and LIVES for vintage clothing.

Let’s talk about her rockin outfit. I’m living for the sheer shirt. Now when I say sheer I mean slightly see through and not slutty mesh! Just a hint of the black bra peeking through is so sexy and not trying too hard. She matches it with relaxed fit shorts and wedges. The best part of the outfit, hands down, is the costume jewelry she is working at 1 pm! I’m all about wearing babbles, jewels and rhinestones during the day. Add the oversized aviators and she is the picture of perfection! Nikka has her own blog where she catalogs her outfits daily…..check it out:  Nikka thanks for the incredible day of shopping and thanks for being my Street Fashion Hit for the Week!!!! xo

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