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Loftiss says “8 ways to be Red Carpet Ready!!!”

So I’m cleaning my closet/house/drawers/make-up bag/ life and have made a HUGE pile to take to a consignment store. I am over all of my cocktail dresses. I’ve worn them all at least three times and have pictures and video footage from countless parties, weddings, interviews and mostly red carpet events while hosting. Since I’m all about being fabulous on a dime 🙂 I will sell these clothes before I purchase new ones. My mama raised me well. I thought what a fun way to start Monday off….a Top 10 list!!! But actually Top 8 because 8 is my lucky #!!!!! Since The MTV Music Awards and Emmys are right around the corner I thought I’d share my thoughts on how to be red carpet ready.

#8. ALTER YOUR CLOTHES!!!  Please Please Please wear shoes/ dress that fit. If your shoes are too big I’m distracted and I can’t even notice your lovely dress or even more so FACE if I see a gap in the heel. Yes Paris Hilton I’m talking to you…you are one of the worst culprits! And with the dress- just get it altered. Everything looks more expensive when things fit your body like a glove.

#7. Hair.   Know your hair…I know my hair has a time expiration of 4 hours before the curl looks HORRIBLE. So if I’m doing an interviews and know I have to sit through the movie,I should straighten my hair or put it up. If you are going to be outside be prepared. Oh and always have a tiny bottle of hairspray and a few bobby pins. In moments like these bobby pins are like gold.

#6. Shimmer shimmer and more shimmer. It’s  summer time and you are supposed to look like you just happened to throw on a dress and you just happened to look this gorgeous. Pile on the shimmer on every body part that is not hidden by your clothes.

#5. Purse.  Listen as a New Yorker I love a big purse as much as the Non-Equity Girl standing on the subway. But for red carpets you have to downsize. I know I know it hurts your feelings to do this but for the overall look you must. Or if you have a wonderful date you can ask for him to stuff things down his jacket and pants pockets.

#4. Lip Gloss.  I sometimes work as a freelance make-up artist and women are so frightened of gloss. They think they will look like a 40 yr old trying to be 16. Actually gloss makes you look younger! I’m a huge supporter of lip liner…blending it in and gloss on top. It’s easy to reapply and it doesn’t look matted after you eat all the yummy goodies at the after party.

#3. Camera. You MUST document how absolutely stunning you look all night. And you know the second you get home from the event you’ll be facebooking/tweeting/stalking to find amazing pictures of yourself to repost.

#2. ACCESSORIES!!!!Yeah the fun part! If you have a simple dress or a plain black dress the jewels is what makes the outfit pop! Costume jewelry is all the rage so you can absolutely hit up any shop on 8th Ave or a Claires in the South to shine. Just remember you can’t do earrings and a necklace. Just. Choose. One.

#1. BRONZER!!!!!!!!!!! THE REASON WHY I LIVE!!!!! Bronzer is the fountain of youth. I’m not saying look like Snooki but if you apply is sparingly you will look like the goddess that you are. Apply under the cheekbones and across the crown of your forehead. The color just be one or two shades darker than your natural color.

***Brilliant! You are ready for the red carpet. And if you don’t have a big event to debut your new self…do this before church or a date!

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